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February 28, 2006

Left Hand Sawtooth

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Left Hand Sawtooth

 Lefthand Sawtooth.jpg

Reviewed by: Guinness Girl & Oy Vey

Nationality: American (Colorado)

Tastes like: Almost Famous


“Now that’s a GOOD BEER.  Supersmooth.  Good flavor.  NO bitterness.  Clean finish.” – Oy Vey

“That’s some good stuff!  That really is some good stuff!” – Oy Vey

“Almost Famous!!!” – Guinness Girl

“Kate Hudson is pretty and nice enough, and William Miller/Patrick Fugit is adorable.  I want to own this beer, just like I own this movie.” – collective

“This beer makes me want to sit on a bus and sing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer with all my friends.” – Guinness Girl

“And…I’ve never heard of this beer before.  Hence…Almost famous.  heh.” – Oy Vey

Reviewed at: Ten Stone


February 25, 2006

Delirium Tremens

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Delerium Tremens


Reviewed by: Oy Vey and Guinness Girl

Nationality: Belgian

Tastes like: St. Elmo’s Fire


“Nutmeggy. Very smooth. Like the Pink Panther, but pink elephants. Weird bottle! Reminds me of ginger ale: not sweet at ALL, smooth (how many effin’ times do I use that word? I refuse to say “lovely.” Absolutely refuse). It’s dry. Yet, the pink elephants are comical. A dry comedy. Something British, perhaps? Strange-ass bottle, really.” – Oy Vey

“I’m still trying to get rid of the taste of the World’s Rarest Beer. This is…I’m still formulating…we Southern girls, we tailgate with Bud Light and Jim Beam, generally. But this is what I’d tailgate with if I went to Harvard or Yale.” – Guinness Girl

“They’re obnoxious.” – Oy Vey

“Or I’d drink it outside in the fall at Georgetown. It’s St. Elmo’s Fire. There’s something endearing about it – the pink elephant – and there’s also something I never quite GOT. You’d never kick this out of your fridge, just like you’d never sell your copy of this movie.” – Guinness Girl

“This beer is as addictive as that theme song!” – Oy Vey

“That’s a good beer. It’s nice. Oh, look at the dancing, er, more like strutting crocodiles! What’s that on that ball? A triceratops? A dragon? I think it’s a dragon.” – Guinness Girl

Reviewed at: Home

Leffe Blonde

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Leffe Blonde

Reviewed by:
Oy Vey and Guinness Girl

Nationality: Belgian

Tastes Like:
High Fidelity

“Dare I say it’s minty?” – Oy Vey

“Um, I don’t know. I’m not qualified to answer.” – Guinness Girl

“Very clearly not an American beer.” – Oy Vey

“This makes me want to marry this beer. I’m serious. I’m in love with this beer. Can I kiss this beer?” – Guinness Girl

“The John Cusack of beers: accessible, no Chimay, but cute and stylish, radio-over-the-head, oh I love you.” – Guinness Girl

“Minty. Light and refreshing. An after-dinner mint. Or a mint on the pillow. Smooth, slightly sweet, fun, completely enjoyable and pretty hip.” – Oy Vey

“This beer knows all the good music.” – Guinness Girl

Reviewed at: Eulogy


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Reviewed by:
Guinness Girl and Oy Vey

Nationality: Belgian

Tastes like:
A Room With A View

“Like Gulden Draak, but lighter and less hopsy. Perhaps THIS is the Lucy Honeychurch of beers. Is “kwak” what English ducks say?” – Guinness Girl

“It’s beautiful, though t’is a beautiful beer. And the name doesn’t do it justice, really. Lovely, but skinnier than the Gulden Draak.” – Oy Vey

“Who cannot love a beer that wears galoshes?” (Paddington) but a BEER that wears galoshes is cute…but disturbing. And vice versa.” – Guinness Girl*

Reviewed at: Eulogy


*Yes. I know. This is when I should have stopped drinking.

Traquair Jacobite Ale

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Traquair Jacobite Ale

Reviewed by: Oy Vey

Nationality: Scottish

Tastes like: Goodfellas (my favorite movie other than Office Space. This isn’t an Office Space beer, but believe me, we will find one that is.)

Comments: Lovely, yummy hint of coriander. Smooth, lovely beer all around! The best beer of its kind. Supremely, written, directed and produced all by the same Scottish people! Definitely a Scorsese: hard core but also has those unforgettable touching so-damn-true-to-life moments. I could drink this like I drink diet Canada Dry…all day long.

Reviewed at: Eulogy

Chimay Blue

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Chimay Blue

Reviewed by: Guinness Girl


Tastes like: Damn, I still haven’t figured out what movie I love enough.

Comments: I can’t believe Miller Genuine Draft has the gall to call itself the champagne of beers. This is SO the real champagne of beers. Really.

Reviewed at:  Eulogy

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