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March 2, 2006

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

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Nationality: American (Oregon)

Reviewed by: Oy Vey

Tastes like: Death and the Maiden
This isn’t much of a review because for some reason I wrote the name of the beer but no tasting notes. Oh well. I do remember that I found this beer very smooth and it was a nice warm color. Other than that…hmmmm….

So…I remember liking it, but I don’t remember what or why. (Thank god I remember the where.)

Reviewed at: Black Door


Belhaven Wee Heavy Ale

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Nationality: Scottish

Reviewer: Oy Vey

Tastes like: From Hell

When I first saw this beer, I wasn’t sure if the ‘Wee Heavy’ meant ‘A Little Bit Heavy’ or if it was some kind of ironic bettin’ man’s ‘Oh Yeah Right ‘A Little Bit Heavy’, Who Are You Kidding I’ll Kick Your Wee Arse’ wee heavy.
This is a good beer. It’s the more approachable, more likeable less evil cousin of Victory Hop Devil. Same idea but they pulled it off this time. Slightly floral, slightly bitter and a wee bit scary.

I like From Hell because I like anything with Johnny Depp. He knows how to pick parts. And I like the hookah part, though I don’t think I’m supposed to.

Reviewed at: Black Door

March 1, 2006

Magner’s Irish Cider

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Magner’s Irish Cider


Reviewed by: Guinness Girl & Oy Vey

Nationality: Irish

Tastes like: Circle of Friends


“Flat, bitter, yuckity-yuck.” – Oy Vey

“I don’t mind it!  I think it’s not bad!” – GG

“I did not like this cider.  That’s my official commentary.” – Oy Vey

Guinness Girl continued sipping, and stuck to her guns that it wasn’t bad.  Oy Vey insisted it was and that it needed more bubbles.  So – it’s Circle of Friends because it’s not exactly funny or exciting, but GG liked it anyway.

Reviewed at: Coco’s

Birra Moretti

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Nationality: Oddballs (Italian, Heineken Italia, that is)

Reviewed by: Oy Vey

Tastes like: Murder She Wrote or 60 Minutes*

I thought this beer would either be very bad or very good. It should be an emotional beer, right? It’s Italian! I was looking forward to something different.**

This was the most boring beer I’ve ever tasted. I could brush my teeth with this beer. I thought the dude with the Feds moustache and fedora would lend itself to some intrigue and mystery, but alas…none of it. It was as dull and predictable as a K-car. “Just the facts, ma’am.” This beer has so little soul that I found myself tapping my foot to 25 or 6 to 4.

*Editorial decision.

**When GG saw the bottle, she said “Oh! The Coors Light of Italy!” Of course! I confess I spent more of my time smoking crappy weed rather than drinking crappy beer in college. Just a preference, not a judgment. So, I’m embarrassed to admit I had never heard of such a thing as Moretti and was hopeful it was going to be a real adventure. Tant pis.

***Note from GG – no need to be embarrassed!  I only know it b/c my sister and I drank it at Fiesole because it was cheapo.  Our kind came in cans, though.

Reviewed at: Coco’s

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